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  • REC 370W Alpha Panel

    Panel features:

    • Incredibly high efficiency rate up to 21.2%
    • 25 warranty with REC Certified Installer
    • 0.25% annual degradation
    • 120 half cut cell technology
    • Heterojunction cell technology
    • Incredible power output range
    • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for
    • Improved High temperature performance

    REC Solar’s Alpha 370W solar panel is a revolutionary solar panel achieving incredible levels of efficiency, power, and strength. This reliable solar panel is ideal for homes or businesses requiring a very efficient, cost-effective solar panel that provides reliable power output.

    REC developed an advanced cell connection technology whereby increasing the number of busbars, greatly improving the flow of electricity. REC’s iconic twin panel design splits the energy production into two sections, increasing power and reliability in shaded conditions. Double enforced support bars protect the cells and glass from bending under extreme loads and conditions.


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  • Solar Analytics Monitoring

    Inverter features:

    • Maximise solar efficiency
    • 24/7 analysis and diagnosis of your solar performance
    • 4G data, live 5 second energy and solar data
    • Monthly reports and education to get maximum value from your solar system

    Solar Analytics Monitoring gives peace of mind by measuring your data in real-time: solar-generation, energy use, system performance and cost savings. Get access to all your energy stats anywhere, on any device to get the most value from your system.


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  • SolarEdge HD Wave

    Inverter features:

    • Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers
    • 2kW to 10kW range for residential inverters
    • 99% weighted efficiency (33%-50% less losses than the market standard)
    • Small, lightweight, and easy to install
    • Up to 155% oversizing allowed
    • High reliability due to lower heat dissipation

    SolarEdge’s latest generation of single-phase inverters are designed using a novel power conversion technology that is based on a distributed switching and powerful DSP processing.

    The inverter is able to synthesize a clean sine wave that leads to a dramatic reduction in the magnetics and heavy cooling elements. The result is an even smaller and lighter inverter for simplified shipping and storing, and easy one-person installation.


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  • Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

    Battery features:

    • Real Power, max continuous 5kW (charge and discharge)
    • Usable Energy 13.5kWh
    • Warranty 10 years
    • Round Trip Efficiency 90%
    • Feed-In Type Single Phase
    • Fully Integrated AC Battery System

    Tesla Powerwall 2 is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup.

    Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building. Its revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install, enabling owners to quickly realise the benefits of reliable, clean power.


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  • Trina Honey 325W Mono Split Cell Panel

    Panel features:

    • Maximise limited space with 19.3% efficiency
    • 25 year power warranty, 12 year product workmanship warranty
    • Excellent low light performance on cloudy days and evenings
    • 0.68% annual degradation

    The 325W Trina Solar Honey monocrystalline solar panel is produced by Trina solar, a leading solar panel manufacturer delivering solar panels to both the Australian and international markets.

    The Trina Honey M series meets all of your rooftop photovoltaic (PV) needs. Half-cut cell design allows modules to work at lower temperatures, which improves energy generation per watt. With finer and narrower busbars, more sunlight will be reflected back to the round ribbon, thus increasing energy efficiency.


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